Financial Apps for Android


Times are tough and people are looking for simpler ways to manage their finances. The internet and smartphone technology has made it easier to use apps for budgeting and improved money management. 

Google’s Android operating system has a wide selection of personal finance apps. In addition, various other smartphones have apps that are designed specifically for financial needs.

Before deciding to get any of the financial apps for Android, you should make a number of considerations beforehand.

  • Start by deciding what you want to accomplish
  • Make sure that your phone has strong password protection and set up your financial apps for Android with an additional password.

Banks offer financial apps:

The major banks in South Africa have apps that help you find ATMs, let you access bills and pay your bills.

Budgeting apps:

Pocket Money– This is one of the most popular budgeting apps. It also has multi-currency functionality.

MoneyBack– With an impressive design, this app is a popular financial app that helps individuals with their budgeting needs.

Toshi– An easy to use financial app, this makes it easier for you to budget every month.

Easy Envelope Budget Aid- A free app, it tells you how many days you will need to recover when you overspend.

22 Seven App:

This free app is fast becoming one of the most popular financial apps for Android in South Africa. By using the 22 Seven App you are guaranteed security and privacy. The app lets you see all your money in one place an lets you keep track of your money. By keeping track this way, you can invest your money more smartly.

The app automatically adds up what you spend on each category each month, so you can see exactly where your money goes.

Using the app you are able to link bank accounts, credit and store cards, investments, loans and rewards.


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