Find Nearby Friends, with Facebook, in real life

    Find Nearby Friends

    Find Nearby Friends with Facebook. Tired of only chatting to your Facebook friends online? Recently, the biggest social networking site, launched Nearby Friends – a new feature, built into the network’s mobile app. Now, you can share your location with your friends, using geolocation technology found in your Smartphone.

    When activated, Nearby Friends will send you notifications, periodically, notifying you of your friends that are nearby. Going one step further – Facebook has been allowing users to check in and broadcast their locations for some time now – Nearby Friends allows you to broadcast your location without posting it on a status.

    An opt-in service, Nearby Friends needs to be activated within Facebook Mobile (the App). If you choose not to participate in the service, you will not be affected. The feature is a push towards making it a little easier to find, and meet up, with your friends, while you are out about town.

    Upon opting into the feature, you will be taken through a short tutorial explaining how to use the feature. Your location will only be shared with your friends and the groups that you have created, and you can choose which groups see your location updates within these groups, like “family” or “close friends” or “acquaintances”.
    Via Facebook, you will be notified about friends that are nearby, although without the exact coordinates. It is then up to you to message those friends, should you wish to connect. Your exact location can be shown to a friend, if you choose to. You can share your location on a map for a pre-determined amount of time. If turned on, the feature will not turn off automatically. You need to manually turn off the feature to stop sending and receiving Nearby Friends notifications.

    The Nearby Friends feature has gone through stringent testing at the company’s headquarters. Tested on the company’s human resources, Nearby Friends has been tweaked and streamlined, over a two-year period for better usability. Over time, the feature will adapt to your needs as it learns more about our habits. This data will be stored on the company’s servers and users can delete said data at any time, by simply clearing their activity within settings.
    For more help on this, please visit the Facebook help center here


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