Find the best mortgage broker in Johannesburg


A buyer can approach one of the large bond originating companies where a broker from this company will guide the buyer through the application process and submit the application to any of 8 or 9 banks in the country. If approval is granted the broker is able to compare offers and negotiate rates and terms on behalf of the buyer.  

In Johannesburg the best mortgage brokers include: 

  • Ooba  

Are experts in home finance, Ooba finds the money while you find the house. Let their experts find the perfect bond for you as they can submit up to nine banks do the paperwork and negotiation on your behalf. And even the greater part is that their service is free. Remain fast, efficient and ahead of schedule with Ooba. 

Although their head offices are based in Cape Town, Ooba experts are available nationwide in South Africa. Visit their website to see their map so to contact one of their main provincial offices. 

  • MultiNET 

It will be from Home Loan…to Home. With MultiNET who will get a Home Loan for you. By having the home buyer and bond seeker access to as much information as possible they’ll be able to advance their knowledge. To being an informed consumer who’s more capable of making the right choice than an uninformed one when it comes to buying a home and applying for the right home loan.  

Use your new found knowledge to find the perfect home and Allow MultiNET to provide you with the perfect home loan. If you need a Home Loan you can apply online. By completing their simple online application and one of their staff will contact you at their convenience. You can also track your application process online. 



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