Find the Best Motorcycle Insurance Available

Bike Insurance

You can insure most anything these days. If it moves you can insure it from your pet to the two wheeler bike.

When it’s just you and your bike out in the open roads onto your next adventure you need to think about insuring your motorcycle against any eventualities. As your motorcycle falls under vehicle insurance also known as car and motor insurance.

Here are some bike insurance providers in South Africa

Momentum specialises in personal and commercial insurance and you can insure your bike too. It’s goodbye on hold and hello on line, goodbye paper work and hello to a better way to do insurance, goodbye stress and hello safety. Goodbye delay and hello right away. It’s simpler, faster way to submit claims, rewards for simply being safe and low premiums based on the individual profile. Visit: or call 012 671 8911.

Bikeline Motorcycle & Leisure Insurance Brokers offer all classes of insurance at preferential rates for our motorcycle clients, Car, Household, and Business insurance. Bikeline is big enough to negotiate best insurance rates and cover and small enough to give professional personalised service and advice. Visit: or call 011 764 6303.

BikeSure insurance is specialised Motorcycle Insurance for bikes and bikes from road side assistance to rider gear. The originators of the extreme risk brands BikeSure, ScooterSure and HarleySure it’s where insurance is about you and your bike with instant cover and the best premiums guaranteed, now you can always get what you want. Track Day Insurance comes standard with their policies. Visit: or call 021 461 3980.

Dearham management services covers track school attendance. Riders can attend track school safe in the knowledge that their prized possessions are insured whilst in attendance, with the transit cover taking care of things on the way to and from the relevant track day. Visit: or call 011 894 3265.


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