Finding the best Telkom Mobile Deals


Telkom offers business, residential and payphone customers a wide range of services and products. Some of the company’s services include:

  • Telkom Business
  • Telkom Mobile
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Cloud and IT Operations

Through its Telkom Mobile deals, Telkom aims to disrupt the South African mobile market by simplifying products and cutting prices. As more South Africans make the move towards the digital era, more people now own smartphones.

Telkom Mobile aims to tap into this emerging market by offering quality mobile services at highly competitive prices.

As a result the communications giant is competing with mobile network operators to provide South Africans with a variety of services.

When you are looking for the best Telkom Mobile deals you have the option to shop by devices or to shop by plans by visiting

Shopping for Telkom mobile deals by device, gives you access to a range of phones, notebooks, tablets and modems.

You can get an iPhone 5S for R249 per month. This deal lets you get a detailed list of the calls you make each month. You also get free SIM connection and 50 All Network minutes.

The iPhone 6 is available for R399 per month. Users get access to unlimited Wi-Fi at over 6000 Wi-Fi hotspots.

Plans available:

One Plan

This plan lets you pick your data. You get free quality WhatsApp calls, free texts and free Wi-Fi. Starting at R99 per months for 24 months, this plan also offers Value Added Services, such as Device insurance, funeral cover and e-Education.

Another plan offers 1GB of data, free calls to Telkom landlines and free quality WhatsApp calls. Customers get to enjoy free instant messaging, free texts along with free calls to Telkom mobile.

The iPhone 5S with FreeMe 1GB deal is available for R299 per month.

Visit for more information.


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