First for women loans review

First for women personal loans

The demographics of South Africa encompasses about 54 million people of diverse origins, cultures, languages and religions. Of this 54 million, approximately 51% which is 27.64 million of the population is female. It is therefore not surprising that a business house offering products tailored to meet the insurance and financial needs of women came on the scene.1st for women is a South African business concern which is providing personal loans specifically designed for women.One of the product offering leading the way are the personal loans.

First for women loans

These personal loans are designed to give women more financial freedom and empower them to meet pressing personal needs such as medical fees, education fees, home renovations,car purchase or maintenance or even take a holiday.

1st for women personal loans are unsecured loan amounts from a minimum of R2,000 to a maximum amount of R150,000 with repayment terms running between 12 months to 5 years and these repayment rates are fixed which provides protection from fluctuating interest rates.

To qualify for this loan,a client needs to be South African with an ID, have clear credit references, show proof or residence, have some monthly income of at least R3,000 which must be proven by presenting payslips or bank statements and have a bank account where income is deposited and debit orders can be carried out.

Loan calculator.
Applications for this loan can be done online or by simply calling 0861222677.
First for women personal loans


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