Fitbit Alta HR- Smartwatch Meets Activity Tracker


    There is no doubt that Wearable technology has become a part of daily life for numerous people all over the world. Smartwatches and activity trackers have become increasingly popular globally.

    Here’s why you should get the FitBit Alta HR:

    The FitBit Alta HR is more of a cross between a smartwatch and an activity tracker. With a tap-sensitive OLED display, the FitBit has the ability to track steps and sleep and also shows notifications from smartphones.

    One feature that consumers requested most frequently from wearable technology manufacturers, was the ability to monitor heart rates. The FitBit Alta comes out top of the class here.

    The device has the ability to monitor heart rates more accurately and can also analyse calorie burn. Wearing your FitBit Alta HR to bed means that you’ll be able to track your sleep. The device shows light, deep and REM sleep stages.

    The device also suggests new exercise activities. It reminds users to keep moving and integrates with a smartphone app that tracks activity.

    The device alerts you users to calls, text messages as well as calendar events. In addition to this, a new feature on the thin FitBit Alta HR will help you measure the calories you burn more efficiently.

    Wearable technology continues to transform the way consumers are tracking their health, communicating and enjoying music.

    As smart devices take over the world, people are looking for more convenient ways to perform daily tasks. With the advent of wearable technology, health apps found new life and “heart rate monitoring” became a buzzword all over the world.

    Despite some predictions of the waning popularity of wearable technology, this technology remains popular and tech companies continue to churn out improved models. The FitBit Alta HR is one such device.

    The FitBit Alta HR will be available in early April.



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