FNB App, innovation at its best


First National Bank was the first bank to bring banking to the palm of your hand, via your mobile, in South Africa. Simple to use and convenient, the FNB banking app is an easy and secure way to do your financial business, anywhere and at anytime.

Anybody can download the FNB Smartphone banking app, but you need to have a FNB account to enjoy the full services of the traditional banking services. If you are not a FNB customer however, you can still have access to the banking app, and transact, make calls and send messages, all via eWallet. You can also make and receive payments via Geo Payments. If that isn’t enough for you, you can easily switch to FNB, using the app, simply supply your details and somebody from the institution will get back to you.

With a number of services, FNB’s Smartphone Banking app takes the queues out of banking. Buy and sale shares with the Share Trading functionality; make and receive calls – powered by FNB Connect – with a new enhanced calling functionality. Calls are free to FNB Call Centres; have access to improved messaging functionality that allows you to send money and airtime while chatting, as well as share photos and videos; you can also send Money and buy prepaid while messaging.

FNB’s Smartphone Banking App has a simple and logical design interface, making it easy to navigate and easy to transact on. Simply put, the app is simplicity and convenience at your fingertips.

Log on to iTunes or Google Play to download this user friendly app that is miles ahead of other banking institutions.

fnb smart phone banking app


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