FNB Branches With FREE Wi-Fi Extended

FNB Free Wifi

First National Bank (FNB) is a banking institution renowned for its innovative banking solutions and increased focus on digital banking solutions for its clientele. The bank has also recently extended its free Wi-Fi services to more branches.

According to reports, by February 2017, 383 branches had free Wi-Fi connectivity.

The bank plans to roll out more connectivity to “especially high-capacity branches”, which will support the bank’s in-branch digital zones.

More about FNB branches with free Wi-Fi

“The roll-out of free Wi-Fi is another value-add which shows our commitment to helping all FNB customers bank digitally,” said Lee-Anne van Zyl, Chief executive of FNB Points of Presence.

“The fundamental aim of this initiative is to offer cheaper banking alternatives for customers through the availability of free high speed Wi-Fi.”

The bank also has dedicated eBankers across 195 select branches to assist customers who transact digitally.

“We have seen a marked increase in the use of Digital Zones at branches as customers have the option to use the online banking, the FNB Banking App or cellphone banking. There’s clearly an appetite for digital banking, but as more customers adopt digital channels we will have to balance this with customers’ education,” van Zyl said.

With changes in technology over the years, the banking industry has become one of the most efficient – giving clients fast, efficient services. As more banking institutions adapt to the digital era, more changes have been made to ensure that systems run smoothly and that clients make a smooth transition to better banking systems.

Use of banking apps is expected to increase as more people get access to smartphone technology.

In South Africa, First National Bank (FNB) was the first bank to launch a mobile banking app in 2011. The bank’s app now has a base of over 1.5 million active devices and has gained a reputation as the best platform for day-to-day banking.

“Users of the App have reduced their reliance on branches, ATMs and call centres to almost zero transactions per month,” said FNB Digital Banking’s Giuseppe Virgilito.

For more information about more FNB branches with free Wi-Fi, visit www.fnb.co.za


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