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Apply for an FNB Credit Card

Apply for an FNB Credit Card

FNB Credit Cards – competitive personalised credit facility
Studies show that people are more likely to complete a purchase if they intend to pay with a credit card than if they pay with cash. Credit cards are essentially tools which are used by customers to make purchases using a bank’s money instead of their own and over time, they repay the bank. The benefit for credit card holders lies in the ability to time-shift their money.

On a psychological level, the draw-in factor is espoused in the ability to spend someone else’s money, thus freeing up their own funds to be used for other purposes. Additional rewards attract an increasing clientele year-on-year. First National Bank is a premier financial institution which has been servicing the financial needs of South Africans with finesse and expertise for years. The bank has a deep understanding of the operations of the South African market and the personal needs of individuals. It is for this reason that FNB created a credit facility in the form of credit cards for its clients.

FNB Credit Cards come in 4 options: Classic, Gold, Platinum and Private Clients.

The Classic credit option comes with a monthly card fee of R23.00 and a personalised and competitive interest rate. Individuals need to earn between R36 000 and R99 999 per year to qualify. Local purchase swipes are free and the card comes with AA Emergency Roadside assistance (with a linked Petro card.)

Gold credit card holders are required to earn a gross income of between R80 000 and R349 999. This comes with up to 55 days of interest free credit, at a nominal fee of R24.50 per month. People earning a gross income of between R350 000 and R750 000 per annum may qualify for the Platinum Credit option. This credit card gives clients up to 55 days of interest free credit and access to a Premium Banker.

Private Clients’ Credit facility provides up to 2 months’ interest free banking for clients earning R1.1 million or more per annum. They are also provided with their own personal relationship banker.
FNB can be contacted on 087 575 1111.


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