FNB Airtime and fuel rewards

FNB fuel rewards

First National Bank, popularly known as FNB, has a facility that rewards its customers when they buy fuel and airtime using an FNB Cheque Card. This financial services giant offers 15% back to holders of such accounts whenever they purchase airtime and fuel using the FNB Cheque Card; that way a client will get cash or eBucks straight into their account.

How does one get highest fuel rewards?

  • If you are registered for eBucks
  • If you have an FNB account and credit card

Of paramount importance is that cheque and credit card customers who are not registered for eBucks will get their rewards in cash nevertheless will not qualify for the highest reward rate. Clients who are holders of FNB smart accounts will solitary obtain their rewards for their airtime or fuel used up in the form of Airtime.

Airtime rewards
This facility is designed for qualifying customers who earn airtime rewards based on qualifying airtime purchases and their behavior with regards to banking. For more information about this service, customers should visit www.fnb.co.za or alternatively www.fnb.mobi.co.za

Fuel rewards
Customers who benefit from this financial service are qualifying customers who earn fuel rewards based on qualifying fuel purchases and their banking activities. Interested customers should visit the above mentioned sites for more information.

Worth noting about this service is that customers’ rewards are not immune from any tax implications regarding cash back or benefits received from FNB Rewards. Clients are advised to seek sovereign advice regarding tax on any cash back or benefit received from FNB’s Rewards facility.


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