FNB Mobi Loans – Fast, Flexible Cash Solutions


First National Bank (FNB) offers a wide range of banking solutions for its millions of clients in South Africa. In addition to Home Loans, Transactional services, eWallet services, savings and investment facilities, FNB Mobi loans offer fast and flexible cash solutions.  

These Temporary Loans are handy for when individuals need access to extra cash.  There are no application forms required and you get instant credit if you do qualify.

Loans are available from R300 to R10 000 and the first 31 days are interest free.

How to access FNB Mobi Loans:

With FNB Mobi, you can bank wherever you are, whenever you want.  The sleek interface is easy and convenient to use, saving you time and effort. The facility also allows you to transfer money between you own FNB accounts and you can make once-off payments. In addition to being able to send money via eWallet as well as having endless cash withdrawals from any FNB ATM, FNB Mobi lets you access loans.

You can also apply for this loan at any FNB ATM, via online banking or via cell phone banking. To qualify, individuals need to have a smart or cheque account from FNB. The loans are ideal for financial emergencies and flexible repayment periods are available. If you need a small amount you can repay the loan within a month or if you need a slightly larger amount you can get a longer repayment term.

Once you’ve been approved for the loan you can get immediate access to the funds, which will give you the financial freedom to meet any of your financial obligations.  Whether you need to pay for education costs, for home renovations or for an unexpected medical bill you can rely on FNB Mobi Loans to give you access to the finance you need.

To find out more about FNB Mobi Loans visit www.fnb.co.za


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