FNB Mozambique money transfer

FNB Mozambique money transfer

Mozambique is a Southern African country which has enjoyed strong historical political, social and economic relationships with South Africa. These relationships have paved the way for many Mozambicans to find their way into South Africa mainly for economic and social reasons. This movement and settling of Mozambican nationals in South Africa has necessitated the creation of a reliable money transfer facility.

With a strong business presence and insightful financial knowledge of both South Africa and Mozambique, First National Bank (FNB) stepped up to offer the ideal money transfer solution. The Mozambique money transfer service allows FNB customers who are resident in South Africa to send money to an individual in Mozambique who has a valid Mozambican identity document.

This facility allows one to send money at any time of the day or night through cellphone or online banking and the recipient is paid in Mozambique Meticais at no additional cost. The total amount of money which can be sent through cellphone banking is R1,500 while online banking allows for a R3,000 amount.The maximum amount allowed per month is R10,000. The amount of money sent however will depend on how much money one has spent on Prepaid Airtime, Prepaid Electricity as well as how much has gone through eWallet and sending money to Zimbabwe.

When collecting money at the selected FNB Mozambique branch, the recipient must provide a Mozambican identity document, voucher reference number, transfer code and the expected amount in Meticals. If the money is not collected at the branch within 14 days, it’s reversed back to the senders FNB account.

For any queries regarding this money transfer service, First National Bank (FNB) can be contacted on 0875759405.


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