FNB Online Bank Statement


How to get an FNB online bank statement:

  • Log on to your internet banking fnb.co.za
  • Click on ‘My Bank Accounts’
  • Click on ‘FNB Cheque Account’ (Account Name)
  • Scroll down to View Statements
  • Click on ‘Statements’
  • An eZiStatement window will open
  • You then have the option to get your last 3 statements for free
  • The site will give you an option to Email or Download
  • Enter your Email Address

Why get an FNB Online Bank Statement?

If you’re applying for credit you may be required to provide a bank statement. FNB has been increasing the use of automation in its banking system, so customers now have easier access to their transaction history.

By visiting an FNB branch and requesting a bank statement, you’ll be charged per page that is printed – which could be quite costly.

If you choose to get an FNB Online Bank Statement, you get easy access and you can save on printing costs.  By downloading the bank statement you could save quite a bit of paper too.

The FNB Online Banking Website was completely overhauled in 2013. The site was revised to function on all platforms – including PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

As a result, the bank’s 1.5 million online users usually opt for getting an FNB Online Bank Statement. Voted the best digital bank in South Africa, FNB is closing many of its branches, in a move towards embracing digital banking.

How to register for FNB Online Banking:

  • Select ‘Register’ Link
  • Select Í have a card and PIN’ option for personal online banking registrations
  • Fill in the fields
  • Read and accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Select the ‘Continue’ button
  • Verify your personal details and set up your user ID and password to access your profile online. Not the password rules.
  • Select ‘Register’ button
  • Review the confirmation screen and if you’re satisfied, select the ‘Confirmation’ button
  • The Results screen will display your online banking registration details
  • For security reasons, you need to go to an FNB ATM or branch to validate your registration before you can transact on your profile

Visit www.fnb.co.za


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