FNB Pay – Why use your Smartphone Instead of your Bank Card


Why use FNB Pay?

  • It’s fast and simple to use
  • It’s safer
  • It’s easy to register for
  • It’s a simple way to make contactless payments

How it works:

FNB Pay is an innovative mobile service available on FNB debit or credit cards through the FNB Banking App. The distinctive and pioneering feature of the new FNB App, it provides customers with an alternative option to make contactless payments, without the need for a physical card.

It uses NFC (Near Field Communication) to enable you to simply tap your mobile phone against a contactless enabled point of sale device or a card machine.

Currently available on Android cellphones, the system is fully EMV compatible, therefore it should work with any contactless payment terminal anywhere in the world.

You can simply make a payment by simply waking up your mobile phone and unlocking it with your passcode before you tap your mobile on a POS device, to pay with the default card selected in the registration process.

Payments are around 33% faster than normal PIN-based transactions.

It offers a greater level of security, because when payments are made, the cards never leave the customer’s hands. This bodes well for consumers and fraud prevention initiatives, because it eliminates the potential for card skimming. Payments can be made without the need to divulge your debit or credit card details, making this a much safer payment option for most people.

It’s simple to use and unlike other tap and go facilities, you don’t have to take a photograph of the card to use it. Using FNB Pay, customers are able to quickly and conveniently purchase goods below R200 without entering their card PIN. In 2017, the limit is likely to be increased to R500.

Visit www.fnb.co.za to find out more about FNB Pay.


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