FNB prepaid electricity, convenient power purchasing


Electricity is a vital part of a functional civilised society and its one of those discoveries that have changed the daily life of everybody on the planet.The significance of this commodity can best be seen by the consequences of a short power outage, factories close down, computers go dead, traffic slows to a crawl. It is for this reason that First National Bank (FNB) has taken interest to ensure there is uninterrupted supply of electricity especially for those who use prepaid electricity.

The FNB prepaid electricity service has been designed to cover thousands of areas through Municipalities and Eskom. By using this facility, a customer can buy electricity online, recharge without leaving the comfort of home and the recharge token is texed to the buyer and clients enjoy the benefit of free basic electricity.

This innovative system works in a simple and flexible manner, a customer can state the prepaid amount they would like to recharge within the minimum and maximum range, money is then taken directly from a buyers account and the buyer can choose best suitable channel.

With FNB prepaid electricity product, buying electricity on-line has never been this simple. First National Bank (FNB) can be contacted on 0875759405.


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