FNB revolving loan

fnb revolving loan
FNB’s revolving loan

One of South Africa’s “big four” banks, First National bank, popularly known as FNB has a system that allows clients to get part of the loan they have already paid with revolving credit and this allows them access to their cash once they have paid 15% of the loan.

A client must have an active FNB cheque account to qualify for this financial facility. The revolving loan offers clients:

  • Fixed monthly repayments making it easier for them to budget
  • Fixed repayment term and the loan is available to a client as long as they need it
  • The ability to access the funds at any time, provided they have paid up to 15% of the revolving loan
  • Optional Debt Protection available in case of death or permanent disability

This facility allows a client to have access to these funds if they have re-paid 15% of the revolving loan, set up monthly debit orders to repay the loan, only pay a minimal monthly fee when he uses the loan and transfer funds from his revolving to personal cheque account via ATMs, cell phone banking, telephone banking online banking and the FNB App.

The following documents are required from a client when applying for this credit:

  • Current payslip
  • Green, bar coded South African ID book
  • Proof of residence and
  • Spousal consent (if married in community of property)

A client can complete a call me back form available on the website or call 087 575 9404.

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