FNB Smart Spend Loan

FNB Smart Spend Loan

Smart Spend Loan, a financial facility introduced by one of South Africa’s “big four” banks, First National Bank (FNB), is a small personal loan the client dispense on anything they want, be it for consolidating a debt, home maintenance, monthly  payments, food etc.

The Smart Spend Loan package comes with the following benefits:

  • A client can apply for a loan of R2 000 or more, depending on his/her financial profile, with flexible repayment periods from 6 to 60 months
  • You can get a break every January from paying your loan installment
  • Repayments are done via a monthly debit order and your installment amount will remain fixed over the loan period, even if interest rates go up
  • The loan is offered with insurance which covers the original loan amount in the event of death, retrenchment, dread diseases as well as temporary and permanent disability
  • A  client can get a valid quote for 10 days within which he can either accept or decline the loan offer
  • He/she can choose either a voice logged contract or a paper based contract that is face to face with the branch
  • Individuals banking with South Africa will get lower rates

The bank requires the following documents  for this facility, a valid South African green bar coded ID, 3 months bank statement for non South African customers, one month’s payslip/s 1 for monthly paid/2 for fortnightly paid/ 4 for weekly paid, and proof of at least 6 months employment.

To qualify for, the applicant must:

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 63 years of old
  • Need a minimum monthly take home pay of r700 after meeting all his financial obligations
  • Must have owned an active account for at least 3 months

If a client is to contact the bank regarding the above information, the number to call is 0861 40 40 40.



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