Follow Fashion Trends and Buy a Pokémon Watch Online

The recent resurgence of the Pokémon brand has not only opened up a whole new gaming world to millions of people worldwide, but it’s also created new revenue streams for The Pokémon Company.

The Japanese company has recently releases a Pokémon watch for gaming fanatics.

The Pokémon watch is a new gadget, also known as Pokémon Go Plus. It’s a Nintendo-built Bluetooth smartwatch that was developed because of Nintendo’s concerns over people spending too much time looking at their phones.

This is some welcome relief, following numerous reports of people getting injured while trying to catch Pokémon on their phones.

As a companion device, the Pokémon watch is basically an extra piece of technology which you can wear while you’re catching Pokémon.

Why you need to buy the Pokémon watch online:

If you’re fashion conscious, you’ll be happy to know that the Pokémon watch isn’t bulky. You can wear it on your wrist or clip it onto your clothing or even your bag.  While it’s no Apple Watch, it has a simple design and it fits effortlessly onto your wrist.

The watch syncs to your smartphone via Bluetooth. When you’re wearing it, it lights up and vibrates whenever a Pokémon is nearby. So if you’re walking near a park and a Squirtle pops up nearby, you can just use your Pokémon watch to catch it.

You can also use the watch to catch Pokémon instead of having to use your phone.

Use the watch’s enhanced game play features as you use it collect Pokeballs, Berries or Eggs. You can do all this without having to pull your phone out.

The demand is quite high, so you’ll want to get your hands on one as soon as they become available. Buying a Pokémon watch online is also quite easy. Amazon has some available for about $34.99.


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