For the Love of the Classic


You may still be cruising every now and then on the roads with your old set of wheels, which sets you apart from all of the new makes and models of cars on the road today.

Whether you want to pass it down onto your kids or you still keep it in mint condition for other uses such as car competitions whatever the reason. You can protect and enjoy it still through classic car insurance.

Owners of vintage vehicles are unique individuals with specific insurance requirements, such as their classic car cost of rare embellishers and accessories, which can be expensive to replace. And even classic car insurance companies usually measure their cover based on usage, storage and driving record of the vehicle.

And because you hold a sentimental value to your vintage car here’s a list of just some of the classic car companies in South Africa that you can insure your golden oldie with.

Motor Underwriting Acceptances (MUA) is the foremost insurer of vintage, classic and collectable motor vehicles. The Classic Motor Policy offers a niche product designed specifically for enthusiasts of classic motoring, by enthusiasts of classic motoring. The policy offers comprehensive cover together with the type of benefits required by owners of collectable vehicles, which are usually not offered by standard mass-market insurance, at very competitive and flexible pricing. Visit: or call 0861 MUA INS (682 467).

Classic and Sports Cars Insurance Brokers is there for you if you own more than three classic or collectible cars. As they can provide a multi-car policy which offers all the same benefits as your regular policy, at very affordable premiums. Classic and Sports Cars Insurance Brokers is owned and managed by a small number of underwriters who the insurance of vintage, classic and collectable motor cars and motorcycles is provided by. And the underwriters are collectors of classic cars themselves and have an abiding interest in their restoration, maintenance and correct repair should an accident occur. Visit: or call 011 463 6098.


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