Franchise Opportunities in South Africa Worthy of Consideration

South Africa is a prime investment area on the African continent, as it has one of the more stable economic markets on the African continent. An increasingly popular way of investing is through franchising. This business model entails provision of access to an existing company’s trademarks, knowledge and processes by franchisors to franchisees in order for them to provide a service under the business’s name. Research has shown that this sector employs more than 300 000 people in South Africa and generates more than R300 billion annually. Franchising is popular with highly competitive industries such as the food industry. Six out of the top 10 international franchises are food chains.  

These are a few franchising options which could be considered: 


More than 38 000 stores, in over 100 countries. Its American founder began franchising in 1974.


With its roots in the Netherlands, Spar is now considered one of the world’s top 10 franchises.


Opened its first S.A. store 1995. It’s the world’s biggest fast food franchise and continues to have considerable success in South Africa.


Now operating in 900 stores in 24 countries, this proudly S.A. brand -famous for its flame-grilled chicken- continues expanding its global footprint successfully. (Complemented by its clever, cheeky advertising campaigns.)


Continuously rated South Africa’s favourite franchise year after year, this brand is also part of the world’s top 10 brands.

Mugg & Bean

The American-style influenced franchise was established in 1996 by a South African. Today there are more than 96 franchises nationwide. It’s recognised as a popular ‘office away from the office’ spot.


Established in the UK, this fast food outlet has a long history in the South African market. Since 1967 Wimpy’s been serving South African families and continues to maintain its market appeal.


Its ethos maintains the brand is about ‘real food, made real good.’ This has contributed to its reputation as a South African Superbrand.


Started over 20 years ago, it’s now the number one pizza franchise in S.A.

Chesa Nyama

Established in 2012, this flourishing brand efficaciously capitalizes on South Africa’s “braai-mania.”


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