Free Car Insurance Quotes

By using free car insurance quotes you are able to compare among a range of insurance companies. You may as a result get discounts.

According to, “One comparison website boss said the rapid growth of the sites had left many insurers out of pocket. He said: ’I believe some insurers are lowering premiums through different points of sale, such as over the phone.’”

This shows that insurance companies have realised the value in offering free car insurance quotes. The changes in the insurance industry have made it possible for consumers to gain better access to insurance products directly, through a broker or an agent or through online comparison websites.

If you are getting a direct quote, the disadvantage is that you are only getting one quote. You effectively lose out on the chance of possibly getting a discount from another insurance provider. By using a broker you will have to pay certain fees and commissions. This is one of the reasons that more consumers have made the shift to using online services.

If you use online comparison websites, you can fill out only one form, then use it to generate quotes from a whole list of companies at once. This service is free and there are no obligations for you =u to accept the quotes.

What are some of the pros?

It is fast and reliable – you don’t have to wait in any queues. You can simply choose to visit a website to apply.

You are able to find better coverage if you compare multiple car insurance quotes

It is free

What are the cons?

There is a lack of human interaction – if you are someone who values the attention you get from a broker or an agent, getting a free online quote might not work out for you.


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