Freeway Financial Services


Freeway Financial Services is a financial institution that provides a variety of credit solutions in the form of loans.

Loans offered by the institution include:

Blacklisted loans

Cash Loans

Consolidation loans

Personal loans

Payday loans

The rising cost of living has left many South Africans struggling to make ends meet. For this reason, many people have turned to getting credit. Life has many ups and downs and financial standing isn’t always guaranteed to be good. An unexpected death in the family or a medical condition that requires thousands of Rands to treat can wreak havoc on family budgets. Losing your job can also put you in a debt spiral, where you may become blacklisted as a result.

Freeway Financial Services is a loan originator that provides access to loans which are helpful to make it through many of these challenges.

Payday Loans:

Payday loans from Freeway Financial Services are offered up to R4000. These loans are ideal for paying for financial emergencies or short term needs. They are repayable within 30 days.

Personal Loans:

Offered up to R25 000 maximum, these loans may help you meet financial needs such as paying for your child’s school fees or paying for an unexpected medical bill.

Consolidation Loans:

Freeway Financial Services offers consolidation loans to help individuals achieve financial freedom. Consolidation loans are debt management solutions that involve merging multiple debts into a single monthly repayment. These repayments may be lower and offered at lower interest rates. Freeway Financial Services consolidation loans are offered up to R120 000 maximum.

Freeway Financial Services works with a range of affiliated registered credit providers that are compliant with the National Credit Act.

Apply online here: or call: 012 546 5747


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