Funding for your businesses in Cape Town


Are you looking for at least R10 000 000 funding for your business? Perhaps you are looking at realising an idea or even thinking of expanding? Then you should try the Cape Town Project Funding, a private lending and equity capital placement company that is looking at lucrative businesses to fund within Cape Town and surrounding areas.

The Cape Town Project Funding is part of the Pitchmeter Funding Network (an international network of funders) which is a free site for those in search of commercial funding. Screened lenders, equity sources of capital and notable intermediaries are part of the Pitchmeter Funding Network and pay an annual fee to review project submissions. They are not capital brokers, lenders or investors and there is no guarantee that you will find funding. For those who are looking at the different funding options that are available for your business, you will want to give it a try.

Projects which fall under the entertainment sectors, films and charity projects cannot apply for Cape Town Project Funding. If your business falls under any other type of industry, your chances of being considered are much higher. Your project must need a minimum of R10 000 000 funding with no maximum.  To submit your business plan or executive summary for consideration, go to Cape Town Project Funding and apply online. You will get a response within 24 hours. If you know that this is your chance to realise your business aspirations and you have a solid plan, go on the site and read more about the Cape Town Project Funding.


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