Funeral Cover From Checkers At R79 A Month


Saving for funeral costs has become a priority for many people across South Africa. Funeral costs have been shown to run into the thousands of rands, which many people cannot afford upfront. This is why having funeral cover can be useful. 

In South Africa, statistics show that a simple funeral can cost up to R15 000, which includes essentials such as a casket, catering and transport. The most expensive part of a funeral tends to be the casket, while a grave site and cost anything between R1500 and R6000.  

Cremation is also an option for some people, which also comes with its own set of costs. A cremation can cost about R5000 at a funeral parlour, while a chapel cremation can cost as much as R9000. 

There are costs involved in transporting the body from the place of death to the funeral parlour- which is generally covered by a funeral parlour fee. In South Africa, repatriation comes at a fee of R5000. 

Fortunately, South Africans have access to a wide array of choices when it comes to funeral cover. 

Funeral cover from Checkers at R79 a month is an affordable and convenient option. 

More about Funeral cover from Checkers at R79 a month is an affordable and convenient option: 

Funerals Cover from Checkers comes in three plans:  

  • R29.99 for R10 000 cover 
  • R56.99 for R20 000 cover 
  • R79.99 for R30 000 cover 

In order to be able to take out the policy, you must be 18-39 years old and you must show a valid South African ID book when registering your policy.  

There is a simple way to apply. You can either apply online or by SMSing “APPLY” to 49682, or simply at any Money Market Counter in-store. 

Benefits offered: 

  • Cover your spouse and up to six children aged 0-21 years 
  • Pay at any Checkers Money Market Counter 
  • 48 hour cash payment 
  • No medical tests needed
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