Funeral insurance – even a little is a lot


The notion that only older citizens should have funeral insurance is highly inaccurate because even though South Africa’s mortality rate has been declining over the years, we still lose a lot of predominantly young and middle class citizens due to many factors, including road accidents and illnesses. 

Death is a tragic life circumstances which can prove how useful it is to have a funeral cover. Funeral costs on your family can be quite expensive and not many people have readily available funds to cover the unexpected cost.  

When you think of things like burial plots, caskets, flowers, and more can cost thousands of rands. But paying a monthly premium towards a funeral cover puts you in position to alleviate the burden. 

Depending on the funeral cover carrier you are signed onto premiums payable for a cover can be as little as R50 or some even R75 a month. Towards a moment like death that if not financially planned and prepared for would require lump sums of near thousands of rands from your own pocket. 

During a moment of grief being out of pocket is definitely not a nice thing to go through. There are lots of reasons you need funeral insurance. In fact, even if your family does have money to cover your funeral, would you not like to keep them from having to spend it? Well, with funeral insurance, you have very little of that to worry about.


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