Galaxy Note 9 – Best Games For Your New Phone


Gaming technology has evolved through the years, making for better gaming, more responsive devices and fun all round. Mobile gaming is on the rise, largely owing to it being free and quite easy to access. 

Important factors when it comes to mobile gaming include the speed of chipsets, graphic chip speeds, RAM and access to the app ecosystem. The power of the components is important, along with the quality of screens, VR support and battery size. In addition, it comes down to software, not just hardware and performance. 

More expansive 3D games are also being brought to mobile handsets.  

Samsung is known to be one of the global leaders in smartphone technology. The Galaxy Note 9 is a new device expected to be released in August or September. Expected to look a bit like the Galaxy S9, rumours suggest that the phablet device will sport a 6.4 inch Super AMOLED display. 

Even though mobile gaming has become more popular, this doesn’t mean that any smartphone is automatically good for gaming.  

The Galaxy Note 9 has certain features that make it an ideal handset for gaming, such as the dual screen/flexible display option offered by the Korean corporation. A 4K resolution will be best for gaming, along with a chipset that allows for snappy performance. This will also allow for smoother multitasking, which could also mean better battery life. The Snapdragon 845 processor and Exynos 9810 chip are likely candidates for the job, along with 6GB RAM, meaning that the Android leader will be as fast as anything out there. 

Rumours about the Galaxy Note 9 suggest a 4000mAh battery pack, so extended battery life is expected to be a priority. Samsung may want to be careful about capacity though, so they can avoid their previous disaster of exploding devices.  

Rumours are hinting that the S Pen stylus is set to accompany the Galaxy Note 9 which mean that it may work with a particular virtual reality headset. Mobile gaming fanatics will be excited about this development, along with Samsung smartphone fans.


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