Gambling in Africa: A Safe Bet

Fun online in South Africa

The past couple of years have seen an incredible increase in the gambling markets across the world. A significant change has been noticed especially in Africa, with a particular interest in South Africa.

One of the primary reasons for this rush across Africa has been the installation of more Limited Payout Machines. If the trend continues and gets adopted by other African nations, then we can expect the industry revenues to rise even further. At present, estimates suggest that 2019 will see the gambling industry make close to R31 Billion in South Africa alone. This is already higher than what was predicted for 2017-18, a clear sign of how the perception about the industry is changing in the region.

Another aspect of the gambling industry in Africa is that at present it is spearheaded by the sports betting craze. Africans are a sport loving nation with a particular interest in football. Bets on football matches held around the world is a daily occurrence, but with the advent of online casinos, African nations are opening up to others forms of making money. From playing slots on-the-go to poker or even online lotteries, everything seems to be working in favour of making the industry reach new heights.    


The importance of technology in gambling is evident. From keeping abreast with the latest trends to providing customers with the newest gaming options, advancements in technology have been a significant force behind the success of gambling in the world. A similar case is now visible in Africa. According to The Economist, “Mobile phones are more common than access to electricity” in Africa, and with smartphone technology comes the various advantages of enjoying gambling to the max. Kenya is soon going to have 5G telecommunication options, and approximately 80% of the country already has access to the internet. With betting on a rise, fast communication will only increase trust in the overall gambling experience.

Online Options

Among the many reasons behind the rise of gambling in Africa is the availability of online casinos. Location independent and packed with entertaining features, they have become the go-to choice for players who want to make some quick cash without the worry of having to travel. To quote OnlieCasinosOnline, “Online casinos are more rewarding than South African land casinos, as the odds are decidedly better.” From the simplicity of playing games to fast payments and the options to indulge in everything from poker and blackjack to roulette and lotteries, online gaming is definitely the preferred choice for Africans.   


Looking at the number of rising transactions through banks is a sure shot indication of the money that is changing hands through betting and online casinos in Africa. Nigeria saw a massive 29 million web transactions in 2017 alone. Secure payments, as well as multiple payment options, are making gambling uncomplicated. Moreover, mobile banking options have been quick and act as an integral part of the success of online casinos and their popularity among the masses. Be it small investments or large; there is something for every type of player to try their hands on when indulging in online gambling, and hopefully, in the end, win big.  

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