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Felipe is an avid gamer. He not only has an old-school console, but he also has games on his smart phone and plans to invest in wearable gaming technology as soon as it’s made available commercially. As an end-user, he is often unaware of how extensive a process it is to create games.  

The reality is that there are numerous processes before games are brought to the market and for online gaming there are operations that may be provided by specific tech captains of industry. 

Gaming Technology Solutions is an organisation that describes itself as a “leading global supplier of gaming solutions for online gaming operations”. 

Specialising in providing cutting-edge software, it was founded in 2005 and its headquarters are in the United Kingdom. 

It specialises in delivering online entertainment products for Internet, mobile and iTV services. By providing GTS Enhanced Gaming Engine Platform, this gives clients access to the best soft casino games in the market. As an open games platform, it’s driven by technology innovation. 

Who relies on this tech? 

Game designers, software developers, game artists and producers can rely on Gaming Technology Solutions to supply the best gaming solutions. 

The creation of classical, or VR and AR games, along with social gaming is made easier through the supply of technology solutions that are advanced and that keep up with the demands of this form of tech in the 21st century. 

Research has shown that millennials don’t spend as much time gaming as other generations, but that is changing with virtual and augmented reality gaming. Advances in technological innovation continue to drive growth of this industry.  

Companies like Gaming Technology Solutions have a lot of work to do in terms of creating more solutions for the gaming ecosystem. 


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