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A facility that would allow commuters to use one electronic ticketing system across Gauteng has yet to become a reality, as negotiations around implementation continue, despite the technology being available.

An interchangeable card system, which can be topped up via an ATM, is in use in Cape Town, yet – although the infrastructure is available in Johannesburg – not everyone is on board and Gautrain users have to physically go to train stations to use vending machines.

The Gautrain App

The official Gautrain app offers you everything you need to know about the Gautrain. Find your nearest Gautrain station and bus stops. View peak & off peak timetables to plan your day and calculate estimated trip-, parking- & bus fares. This travel app is designed for regular Gautrain users, to get all the travel information they need.

But if you’ve been frustrated with the current Gautrain travel app – and have an iPhone or iPad – there’s a new app for you to consider: GauRider 1.0 for iOS, which was launched in 2014. It has an elegant interface, which allows you to drag and drop when working out your personal timetable. It also has a ‘smart date feature’, so you don’t have to figure out which day of the week it is while searching for train times nor remember whether it’s a school or public holiday. And lastly, once you’ve downloaded the app, it doesn’t use data and works even when you’re underground.

MyCiTi Apps

Cape Town’s answer to the Gautrain- the MyCiTi buses are an efficient way to get around when you want to do some sightseeing in Cape Town, you need a ride from the airport or you’re a regular commuter wanting to avoid those horrifying hourly parking rates in the CBD.

Like the Gautrain you need to buy a card and preload it to use the bus. Download the app here and here to see routes, timetables and your current card balance. This travel app also has a fare calculator and shows you where to find your closest MyCiTi bus stop.


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