GeoSim, your global roaming SIM card


Cell phones and mobile communication have become part of the fabric of human daily life and culture. It is estimated that there are approximately 2.23 billion people across the world currently use cellphones and the number is bound to grow.

Mobile phones have completely changed the communication dynamics. Cellphones do not only facilitate quick instant calls but those with internet capability can check into social media websites, read communications from their friends and send quick replies. It is however interesting to note that the heartbeat of these gadgets is a SIM card. Without a SIM card, a cellphone becomes very redundant. SIM cards are also critical for service providers because they assist in regulating the cost and geographical coverage. For those who cross geographical boundaries, the solution is to buy another SIM card suiting a particular country or even put your other SIM on roam which is an expensive option. One business entity which has stepped in to mitigate this situation is GeoSim.

GeoSim is not just a SIM but its part of a centralised communications hub which provides many features and benefits. GeoSim uses existing networks such as Vodafone,T-Mobile, O2 and Orange along with hundreds around the world.This SIM works in over 200 countries and on over 500 networks and assists users to save  compared to a normal SIM when overseas.

GeoSim does not charge for roaming and you can receive calls in over 60 countries.There is no additional connection charge per call and you are only charged the relevant call rate. Your call credit will not run out for at least 12 months. Your SIM needs to be kept active, that means renewed on its 12 month anniversary from when it was first used. To renew your SIM costs £4.99 + VAT. If you choose not to renew, your SIM is suspended and your call credit removed. If you do renew, your credit rolls over to the next year.

GeoSim is worth considering especially for those who travel internationally. Contact can be made on +44 (0)1908 888670.


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