Get connected with an FNB Connect SIM

FNB Connect

FNB strives to create unique banking solutions for clients. One of these solutions includes the option to buy SIM cards directly through FNB Connect. This offer is in line with FNB’s aim to improve mobility for customers by increasing functionality of online and mobile banking portals.

The technology industry has improved a number of services worldwide. The banking industry has experienced a mainly positive effect as a result of improved technology. Banks such as FNB have been able to improve the way that services are delivered to individuals. In the African market, mobile phones are becoming a dominant force to reckon with. An increasing number of individuals are relying on cell phone technology to transfer funds, to pay for electricity, to send emails and to communicate.

FNB aims to make it easier for its clients to bank by providing an FNB Connect SIM which they can use to meet various needs.

To order the SIM, individuals can use the existing FNB online banking service.

In addition, an option to port to FNB Connect SIM is available. So if you already own a SIM card, you can port easily to FNB Connect. There is no need to provide RICA documentation, so the process is quite simple.

FNB CEO Jacques Celliers says that the move is intended as “another way to add value to our customers’ lives” and further integrates clients “into the FNB ecosystem”.

Conventional contract and prepaid offers are available as well as a “Flexi Package”. This is a combination of voice, data and messaging allowances that can be changed from month to month. As an FNB Connect SIM card Flexi package holder you can decide how you want to use your package each month.

An auto top-up feature is available for prepaid users, while the eBucks rewards programme is an added incentive.

Visit the FNB website to get connected with an FNB Connect SIM.


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