Get InstantMoney from Standard Bank


InstantMoney is a payment solution that allows the transfer of funds from a sender to a beneficiary.

InstantMoney is available to our customers and non-Standard Bank customers to send cash to both Standard Bank and non-Standard Bank customers, which you can access at an ATM, on their cellphone using USSD, Internet and Access Points.

Benefits of InstantMoney

Using InstantMoney to send cash to someone else is a good idea because:

  • The person sending the money and the recipient don’t need to have a bank account, they just need a cellphone number
  • The transaction is instant, so the recipient doesn’t have to wait for any bank clearances
  • You can send money or cash-in an InstantMoney voucher at any of our many cash-out partners
  • InstantMoney is backed by Standard Bank, a leading South African bank

Using InstantMoney to spend cash yourself is a good idea because:

  • If you have registered your cellphone number for InstantMoney, it is free to load onto your cellphone
  • Its free to spend
  • It’s safe and secure and means you don’t need to carry cash or credit cards

Cashing out InstantMoney vouchers

Converting an InstantMoney voucher into cash is quick – all you need is the voucher number and PIN.

It’s easy to exchange an InstantMoney voucher for cash at one of our cash-out partners. You can cash out at a Standard Bank ATM or selected AccessPoints.

  • Visit any of our many cash-out partners
  • Give the teller the voucher number you received via SMS
  • Enter the PIN into the InstantMoney device
  • The system will indicate the value of the matched voucher
  • The teller will give you the cash value of the voucher.


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