Get Personalised Cover with Nedbank Buildings Insurance

NedBank Insurance

Having buildings insurance can help cover the repair of your home and can replace items of value if unexpected events occur.

You are protected from facing financial ruin.

You are protected from lawsuits that could arise as a result of unexpected events.

Buildings insurance is a form of insurance that covers your home in the event of an event such as a fire, flood or storm and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Why choose Nedbank Buildings Insurance?

With Nedbank Buildings Insurance you can get cover against fire and flood damage. You can get the assurance that you are financially covered, no matter what happens.

As one of the biggest banking institutions in South Africa, Nedbank offers clients financial solutions that are tailored to suit their needs. The bank ensures that your insurance cover always keeps up with inflation.

With Nedbank Buildings Insurance, preapproved suppliers offer an efficient 24 hour claims service. You also get R10 million in liability cover at no extra charge should someone claim from you as a result of an insured event.

Policy wording is clear and easy to understand. Nedbank strives to make sure that clients have access to convenient and simple insurance solutions. By making sure that policy wording is not too complex, the institution provides a simple solution.

You get a policy that is designed to suit your specific building and budget.

This type of cover is essential for homeowners and will cover the actual structure of your home, but can also include sheds and garages.

Standard buildings insurance policies generally cover floods, subsidence, theft/vandalism, fire, lightning damage and water damage.

It’s important to get cover for the rebuild value of the building- something which Nedbank ensures that clients are provided with.

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