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getbucks loans

At times when it rains it really pours, and that rainy day comes at the worst of times. Transport fare runs out, an unforeseeable expense creeps up and there is just no plan to make it all work. GetBucks, an online short-term money lending service, is the perfect solution to manage that little money problem. Through the easy and quick service, people can get money into their accounts before they can say ‘loan’.

Getbucks loans – Registration only takes a few minutes, thereafter the account is verified and the lending games begin. Getbucks will need the applicant’s personal, banking and employer details in order to proceed. A credit background check is done and the applicant will get a loan offer. If the applicant is happy with the terms and has chosen a payment method then payment can be made in an hour, yes Getbucks is that quick.

Clients are able to login to their accounts at any time to check information such as active loans, contracts and settlement letters. Unlike other online lending services, the client’s relationship with Getbucks doesn’t end there, or at least when they want their money back. They also have awesome features which includes an SMS helpline. Through this helpline clients can SMS a keyword to 44184 and get a prompt response.

If for example someone wants to settle their account then they would SMS “settle” to 44184 and get details on how to settle their account. Getbucks, having helped over 200 000 people in seven countries since 2011, can be reached through live chat, e-mail or calling.
By repaying the loan on time, Getbucks’ clients maintain a good relationship, get an even higher credit score and therefore qualify for higher loans. So are you in need of a little extra cash? Get bucks online now.

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