Getting an iPhone Discount


The iPhone brand, known for its high prices and quality phone designs, can be considered an aspirational product. Most people can’t afford to buy it using cash upfront, so they opt for contracts instead.

Getting an iPhone is often easier this way.

In the United States, trends indicate that getting an iPhone discount is simpler when consumers buy from retailers, rather than directly from Apple.

Certified resellers offer better iPhone discounts. In the US, it’s become common for Walmart to be the first retailer that offers discounts on new iPhones.

What are the best ways to get an iPhone discount?

You can buy a used or refurbished phone. Make sure that you’ve done your research about the store’s return policy.

You can also get discounts by simply waiting a month or two before buying a new iPhone. Retailers offer discounts within a month of a new release and if you wait even longer, these discounts tend to increase. For instance, following the release of the latest flagship, the iPhone SE, the retail giant slashed prices by $100.

In the South African market:

Even though research shows that the South African iPhone market tends to follow world trends, the brand only accounts for less than 10% of the smartphone market in the country.

So the phone is regarded as an elitist product in the country, which only a few can afford. The presence of 20 Apple stores across the country hasn’t made it any easier to get an iPhone discount.  Various factors are known to have an influence on the phone’s pricing.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has explained that duties and taxes compound to make the imported iPhone price higher than the iPhone price in the US. The major cellphone networks in the country offer the brand on contract, at competitive pricing, but the reality is that it’s unusual to get a major iPhone discount currently.


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