Good Car Insurance Features


Generally, good car insurance features coverage for injury, property damage, medical payments and personal injury.

Policies can be customised to add features like roadside assistance and towing services. 

Good car insurance is designed to meet your unique individual needs. The three main types of car insurance you can get in South Africa include:

Comprehensive cover this insurance is the most extensive type of cover you can get. It is essentially a type of insurance that covers you for all risks you can get.

Third Party, Fire and theft this cover is less expensive and is also usually favoured by individuals who own their cars.

Third Party Only – this is the most basic type of insurance cover you can get.
How can you get good car insurance?

Shop around as much as possible

You need to start by shopping around to make sure that you are getting the best type of insurance for your needs. Make sure that you check the policy thoroughly before you accept.

Ask for a discount

You can get a good car insurance deal by simply asking for a discount. There are numerous discounts that you can qualify for such as a No-Claims discount, good driving discount or even a discount for applying online.

Find ways of lowering your risk

By installing an immobiliser or an alarm system in your car, this could significantly lower your level of risk. If you park your car in a garage overnight, this could also lead to lower instalments.

Find a reliable and trusted insurance company

To benefit from the best car insurance you need to find the most reputable insurance providers.

Consider changing the type of car that your drive

By simply making the switch from a high-performance car that is very expensive, you could benefit from much lower insurance.


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