Google Keep

google keep

Google Keep is an astonishing candidate, but a lot of people have made use of this app. Apart from being simple, Google Keep, is available on the web and for Android an not for iOS users. The app is fast, flexible, and simple to use.

At its heart, Google Keep is an easy syncing notepad that can keep checklists, photos and images, voice notes, and other text notes synchronized across devices and stored in the cloud. The app supports time and location-based reminders, in-note photos, and color-coded notes. Everything is kept on the web, it’s easy to use, and if you’re an Android user. The app was practically designed for users—no hassle, and it’s already accessible on users whose devices support Android. There’s no real obstacle to entry—no accounts to set up, no lists to import or categories to set up, and so on.

At the same time, all of that ease-of-use makes it a very lightweight app that doesn’t carry the features that other tools bring to the table. There are no recurring tasks, no calendar view, no sub-tasks or advanced features that make it useful for planning bigger projects or handling regular tasks. Even so, many users had good (and critical) things to say about Google Keep, the app has been praised for its ease of use and reminding us that the best to-do app is the one you actually use, but also noting that it has its quirks and the fact that it’s not available for iOS was a turn-off for some of you.


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