Google Translate to switch Text to Talk

Google Translate talk

Multinational, publicity-traded organisation, Google, will before long modernize its Translate mobile app to turn words spoken in popular languages into written text.
Google Chrome browser already has this feature available in many languages.

According to a December Android Police report, the update allows people to communicate in their own native languages by listening to both thereby automatically translating their words into each other’s language.

It’s not clear how this system is going to operate but Android Police cited that giant tech Google will integrate the Word Lens app which translates text and sings from other languages when a smartphone’s camera is trained on them.

Last year Google purchased Quest Visual, a company which created Word Lens.
Frost and Sullivan Senior global director, Mukul Krishan said Google Translate mobile “is a very interesting application,” and that the upgrade will give it “a whole lot of interesting possibilities in law enforcement, government, at the DMV and put Google in a good position to further mojtinize.”

Reports say that Google’s Translate app has been allegedly installed more than 100 million times on Android phones.
The app is believed to be having 500 million active users every month across all Google’s platforms; this means that the app is not only designed for mobile users.

The app provides written translations on 90 languages and has the capacity to hear spoken translations of a few popular languages, even though there is no clear understanding of what is meant by “popular” in this case.

Apps can be found here: IOS and Android


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