Google Turns 17

Google Turns 17, Google 17, Google Birthday, Google logo

The online search engine giant Google celebrates its 17th birthday with a simple yet nostalgic doodle. Visitors on the homepage are greeted with a retro, plastic PC, lava lamp and even 1998’s “Google!” logo.

The doodle also features the Linux penguin peeping from behind a CRT monitor displaying the first Google home page and to its side is a server made of made of Lego bricks. Even two balloons were also visible to mark the festive occasion.

Google, 17, Alphabet, Birthday, 17th birthday

It’s been seventeen years since Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched Google at a garage in Menlo Park, California in 1998. Google has celebrated its birthday with a Doodle every year since its fourth birthday in 2002.

It has been celebrating its birthday on the 27th day since 2006 – but prior to that claimed its birthday was on September 26. Before that, Google celebrated its 6th birthday on September 7, and the year before that on September 8. But the company’s history actually dates its birthday back to September 4, 1998. It seems September 27 has now stuck, as it was on this date that the first birthday Doodle appeared back in 2002.

Here are some of the search engine giant’s achievements:

  • 1997: Google domain first launched
  • 2001: Google Images launched
  • 2002: Google News introduced
  • 2004: Google Mail launched on April Fools’ Day – but its success is anything but foolish
  • 2005: Where would we be without Google Maps? It was only launched 10 years ago and has evolved dramatically since. Google Earth launched later that year
  • 2008: Google Chrome introduced
  • 2010: Google introduces its first Android smartphone – The Nexus One
  • 2012: Google Drive is invented
  • 2013: Project Loon is unveiled – a way of connecting rural and remote areas
  • 2015: Google Photos launched


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