Google wallet, sending money through your Gmail account

google wallet app

The story of the evolution of the internet age can never be complete without mentioning the name Google. Google is a giant search engine that has impacted the social and economic landscape of the world.This search engine allows one to search the worlds information including webpages, images, videos and more. It is out of Google that you get the Gmail service. Because Google through Gmail is all about trends, it is not surprising that they launched a money sending service.

Google wallet is an easy way to send money just the same way you send an email. All you need is to have a Google Wallet Account and you are ready to send and receive money by a simple Gmail email. If you see a Rupee symbol in your email, then you have received it. Money is sent by simply clicking on it and enter the amount and if you don’t have a Google wallet account you just click on the currency symbol and you will be asked for your bank account debit card.

The money is then transferred to or from Google Wallet, which needs to be linked.The recipient has to have a Google Wallet account to receive the money and the money is returnable if the receiver wishes to do so. Security should be the least of the users worries as Google Wallet is protected by fraud monitoring service and fraud protection guarantee.You can lock your Google Wallet account by using a pin and alternatively you can disable the feature until you need to use it again.

While the launch dates are yet to be announced in South Africa, this service is already operating in the US and UK and its bound to positively impact the financial markets landscape.


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