Grand Theft Auto V–Premium Online Edition Version


Grand Theft Auto V, the open world design game played in either first-person or in the third perspective originally released five years ago, is getting a new premium online edition. Players navigate the game by vehicle or by foot and get to enjoy a multitude of scenarios involving, as the title says – theft, amassing wealth, corruption and violent scenarios. One of the reasons the game achieved so much popularity is because it transported gamers to a fantasy world, often made popular by Hollywood. A world where gamers get to determine the outcomes of their own storylines and live out what they see in the movies. 

Aimed at bringing new players in, the game is set to be available on Steam, Xbox One and PS4.  

It features a multiplayer component and can also be found on digital platforms. When originally released in 2013 it became renowned for being a favourite even amongst some celebrities.  

What does the new edition have to offer? 

Grand Theft Auto V has become Rockstar’s biggest money maker – even becoming the best-selling game in the United States. 

Included in this revamped version are gameplay upgrades as well as the whole GTA V story. Content is also included, as well as “Grand Theft Auto Online”. 

The Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack is included, which is the fastest way for players to jumpstart their criminal empires in the game. This Starter Pack contains clothes, tattoos, weapons and various vehicles which can be highly useful for  

Another new feature that gamers are sure to love is the in-game cash amount of $1 million, which they can use however they like. 

One major criticism of the Grand Theft Auto V- Premium Online Edition game is that even though its contents are good, they are more at the cheap end of the spectrum. The new features may be exciting for new players, but die-hard fans of the game shouldn’t expect major changes.


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