Graph flow, matching products with clients

graph flow

Graph flow is an organisation that believes a successful and growing business is about product, user, good service and profits. In a competitive economic and market environment with so many similar products and services, the home work for clients to find the right products is a tricky one. Graph flows mission is to provide organisations customers with personalised recommendations in order to increase profits and enhance customer experience.

The recommendation engine matches customers with products by analysing historical and real-time data and uncovering patterns in customer behaviour. This data is collected through processing millions of requests and billions of interactions every day on a scalable platform. Every clients data is securely segmented with unique API keys and credentials. The engine is scalable across industries and has the ability to match users with any products. e.g education, healthcare, entertainment, energy etc.

The success of this service depends on careful modelling of customer behaviour. This is done by analysing the user’s behaviour and predicting the kind of products a customer is likely to purchase next. A careful look at product interactions is also used to find other products with a high correlation to a specific product. A list of products which a customer similar to the current one have previously interacted with. Recommendations based on an existing product interaction is returned as data of products bought together by customers..

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