Great Deal – Get 50GB of Free Data per Month with MTN

Data Packages SA

With the rising cost of living, consumers are becoming more price-sensitive. They are looking for ways to save as much as possible on data and airtime costs.
It’s no secret that South Africans are paying exorbitant data costs, so they will want to find ways to save. The new mobile battle is in data. Cellphone operators such as MTN are competing fiercely with other providers. Despite being South Africa’s second largest mobile network, MTN is facing a tough time with getting customers to renew their contracts.

As a result, MTN is offering incentive for customers to renew their contracts with them, by offering a great 50GB of free data per month deal.
With this deal, you may get 50GB of free data and 10 000 MTN to MTN voice minutes every month.

How much can you do with 50GB of free data?
Some online activities require very little data, while others use a lot more. 50GB of data may be ideal for email, web surfing, Facebook, Skype and limited YouTube viewing and online gaming. Watching a 5 minute YouTube video of 1080p can use up to 62MB.
If you want to keep track of your data usage when downloading, the most important information is the size of the file being downloaded.
If you get 50GB of free data per month with MTN you can use it for an array of uses.

All you have to do is renew your MTN cellphone contract.

You may also benefit from the new MTN Sky and Talk contract packages.

Sky Lite
3GB of data is available for R1099, while the SIM-only option available for R859.

Old MTN Sky
10GB of data is offered for R1699. SIM-only options are available for R1399.

Sky Medium
R1699 buys you 15GB of data and R1359 is available on a SIM-only version.

Sky Mix
Offers 25GB of data for R1999 and R1659 on the SIM-only option.


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