GroFin, providing SME finance

GroFin - SME fince

Government has prioritised entrepreneurship and the advancement of small, medium and micro-sized enterprises as the catalyst to achieving economic growth and development. In order to ensure that this key sector records the needed growth and ensure that adequate financial and non-financial assistance is provided to the sector, Government has created the necessary policy framework and enabling environment for private sector participation. One private sector entity which has come on the scene is GroFin.

Established in 2004, this firm is a pioneering SME development financier assisting entrepreneurs and business owners to access tailored finance and experienced business support to start and grow successful businesses, creating jobs and driving socio-economic development.

Todate, GroFin manages 7 funds on behalf of 24 international investors, development funders, banks, corporates and foundations with committed capital in excess of US$320 million.There are also 14 offices across 12 countries. Grofins business operations are separated into SME finance solutions, SME fund management solutions and development impact solutions.

SME finance solutions is focused on supporting the success of small and growing businesses owners with more than just finance but also business support. SME fund management solutions enables the identification, mitigation and management of risks associated with investing in the SME sector. Development impact solutions is a true impact investor that delivers job creation and socio-economic benefits.

GroFin can be contacted through the website.

GroFin - SME fince


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