Harrismith Mountain Race

Harrismith Mountain Race, Event, Clarens

Your legs will take a beating

Partake in the oldest and most grueling race the Harrismith Mountain Race, which is a 15km running race that takes place every October in the Eastern Free State.

It is dubbed as the toughest obstacle race in the world as it is ran on a route up the Platberg (flat mountain) in Harrismith with the races first three kilometres ran in town.

And please do not be fooled by Platberg ‘flat mountain’ as the tough footpath climb up the slopes of the Platberg is punishable. Once on top at the mountain there is a 2.5 kilometre run along the top before you come to the knee-breaking exercise of the downhill run.

In this race it is advised that ‘the first half should be taken slower than the second’.

The last two kilometres to the finish line the race is on a relatively flat course as it returns to the tar road.

At the end of the race medals of gold, silver and bronze will be awarded accordingly to the finishers of the race, cash prizes, as well as category winners.

The Harrismith Mountain Race is the oldest race in South Africa and older than the Comrades Marathon as the race was started in 1904, after AE Belcher, from the Devon’s regiment, made a bet with the locals in the pub near the Old Harrismith Club that he would run to the top of ‘that little hill of yours’, (making reference to the Platberg) within one hour.


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