Highest paying jobs in South Africa

paying jobs south africa

Career choices are influenced by different factors. These factors include training and education required, skills and abilities needed, interest and personality type, life roles, social and economic conditions in a particular geographical area and on many occasions childhood fantasies. But there is no denying that one of the most critical factors not mentioned here is the paying ability of a particular career. It is therefore important that we look at some of the highest paying jobs in South Africa.

Petroleum Engineers – This career path demands tremendous dedication and commitment because of the amount of workload involved and time taken to complete studies. It’s a constantly changing industry with new opportunities emerging as new oil resources are discovered.The current salary a South African petroleum engineer can expect to earn is R572, 600 per year.

Pilot – The pilot industry really is a hard path because you need certain flying hours to become a qualified pilot for any big airline and remember flying hours cost lots of money. Qualified and experienced pilots in South Africa get between R60,000 and R80,000 per month.

Air Traffic Controllers – The job of an air traffic controller is one of the most stressful in the world. A great amount of concentration is required to keep air paths safe, diverting air traffic where necessary, rerouting both private and public aircraft and ensuring that aircraft do not crash into each other, in good or bad weather and make safe landings. As a reward for all this stress and risky work, air traffic controllers can expect to earn around R583,450 per year.

Chartered Accountants – A career in chartered accountancy certainly isn’t for everyone. It generally takes at least four years of academic study at South Africa’s top universities and another three years of practical training, it therefore calls for sacrifice, discipline and talent. The average pay of a Chartered Accountant is R434,191 per year.

Computer and Information Systems Managers -The technology era has swept through the world beyond description. Every aspect of human life has been affected by technology.This has therefore brought a higher demand for competent IT professionals and managers. For those qualified with a Bachelor of Science degree and a masters of science degree, you could expect to earn a starting salary of R587,230 per year.

Lawyers – It is said that no individual or business organisation is immuned from being confronted with a legal matter that requires expert legal understanding and advise. It is for this reason that lawyers are constantly in demand. Starting salaries for qualified lawyers in South Africa are between R643,440 and R655,000 per annum.The more years of practice one has, the higher the salary.

The above career choices should surely propel one to a financially enriching career.

paying jobs south africa



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