HIP2B2 3M Innovation Challenge

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Launched as part of the Mark Shuttleworth’s first African in Space campaign, the HIP2B2 challenge has a mission to inspire you to put your brain to good use. The aim is to make Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Maths accessible to all.

The theme for the 2015 edition is: “Science. Applied to life.”

3m says: “The call is out for grade 9 and 10 learners to enter the 2015 Challenge, which tasks them with finding innovative solutions to everyday problems they face.”

The challenge is essentially designed to encourage the application of STEM to ordinary daily life in order to come up with viable solutions. By extending the invitation only to grade 9 and 10 learners, the initiative strives to expose STEM to scholars from a young age, while providing them with the right support to see their ideas through to fruition.

MIT Global Start-up Labs are another initiative that provide an opportunity for 30 local graduates, students and tech entrepreneurs to launch their own new start-up companies.

In South Africa, the study of Science and Technology is something that needs to be encouraged much more. Through initiatives like HIP2B2, the youth are provided an opportunity to further explore these subjects as well as to contribute towards solving some problems faced by local communities, with the hope that their propositions will actually become viable solutions and sustainable in the long run.

Robyn O’Leary, Marketing Excellence and Strategic Planning Manager, Corporate Marketing. 3M South Africa says,” We try to illustrate to learners that 3M’s more than 55 000 products largely started as innovative solutions to a problem. At the very root of it, we are encouraging learners to pursue careers in mathematics, science and engineering fields, and instil a culture of innovation across South Africa’s youth.”

Visit the website here: http://www.hip2b2.com/


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