Hippo, providing quality financial services


Hippo is an on-line platform that helps people to save time and reduce the stress of shopping around for quotes by doing all the searching hard work. By employing instant real time search systems and results, Hippo compares motor insurance, home insurance, business insurance, health, life and more.

The Hippo partners include a wide range of South Africa’s leading insurance, finance and other category brands. This business house ensures that consumers and visitors to the website are insulated from any cost by simply charging Hippo partners a fee when a customer chooses to find out more about their products.

Comparing insurance quotes and more from some of South Africa’s leading brands is easy, quick and free.You simply visit the product quote you are interested in, complete the quick quote form, then you are able to see the on-line search results which assist you in comparing prices and benefits.The final step is to just select “I’m interested” and the service or product provider will contact you.

Get A Home Loan

This reputable business has also entered into partnership with South Africa’s number 1 Bond Originator called BetterBond. BetterBond handles home loan application process on behalf of clients by sourcing the best possible deal for their clients and negotiate preferential rates and loan terms.

Refinance Your Vehicle

Hippo is also able to offer Vehicle refinancing. This is a facility that allows customers to secure a new loan with monthly payments that are lower than the existing loan. This difference can be achieved by obtaining a loan on a lower amount, or securing a lower interest rate. For instance, If you had bought a 2008 double cab that had cost you R 200,000, your monthly installment would be R 4,650 over 72 months at a 16% interest rate. Refinancing it over the same term at 12% interest would result into a R 2,950 installment, which allows saving of R 1,700 per month.

Hippo can be contacted on various on-line platforms.


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