Home Choice Loans

Home Choice Loans

Home Choice Loans – Having created a reputation as a trusted provider of quality home-ware merchandise to South Africans, Home Choice has amassed more than one million customers. The company’s rich 30- year history is typified by leaving customers satisfied with their flexible and easy access to products. Home Choices’ commitment to ensuring outstanding levels of quality is the reason for the provision of a credit facility that allows customers to transact on loans account 24 hours a day with access to further credit over time.

Home Choice makes these unsecured personal loans available to its customers with good credit. A repayment period of 1 to 36 months applies. The loans are offered through FinChoice and FoneChoice.

FinChoice gives customers short and long term loan options, at a repayment period of 6 to 24 months. These loans are for a maximum of R20 000. Home Choice customers are given the opportunity of deciding which loan terms will suit them better.

FoneChoice sells laptops, tablets as well as mobile smartphones on credit to Home Choice customers. These credit agreements come with 24 to 36 months repayment periods. An added special offer for Home Choice customers is the KwikAdvance product, which allows customers to loan a maximum amount of R2000 that customers repay on their next payday.

Qualifying loan applicants may receive the funds within 24 hours- either on the same or the next business day. Customers will be notified of the availability of the money via SMS by Home Choice.

Application can be made online or by SMSing Home Choice. Alternatively, contact Home Choice on 021 680 1000.


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